What Didn’t Christ Accomplish? // Ask Pastor John

The cross of Christ accomplished everything we need to glorify God by being eternally happy in him. But is there anything the cross didn’t accomplish?

Welcome back to the podcast on this fine Monday. We start the week with a question that reached us from 10,000 miles away — from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and from a listener named Kyle. “Hello, Pastor John! I have enjoyed listening to APJ for a few months now. My question is this: What did Jesus actually accomplish? Every time I ask this question to fellow believers, the answer is always an enthusiastic ‘Everything!’ While that answer is nice, it always felt like the equivalent of asking a chef, after having eaten an exquisite dish, what the ingredients are, and his emphatic response being ‘Everything!’ Is there a core group of Christ’s accomplishments that we should focus on more than others? On the flip side, is there anything that Christ didn’t accomplish, that we have somehow tricked ourselves into believing he did? I’m thinking of wealth, comfort, and the good life today. Can we go too far by promising things Christ did not accomplish for us today?”

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