What are good beginner board games? (Six Starter Games)

Not sure where to begin with board games? We’ve put together a list of six great beginner titles and somehow crammed everything you need to know in just under 7 minutes.

00:00:15 – Carcassonne (What is Carcassonne and how does it play)
00:01:07 – Splendor (What is Splendor and how does it play)
00:02:09 – Sushi Go (What is Sushi Go and how does it play)
00:02:58 – Spyfall (What is Spyfall and how does it play)
00:04:06 – King Of Tokyo (What is King of Tokyo and how does it play)
00:05:16 – Dixit (What is Dixit and how does it play))
00:06:42 – Outro

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