Watch video lecture | Board games: more than just Monopoly | Dr. Max Birk, Bart Latten

People have always enjoyed playing games, but board games are becoming more popular and more sophisticated than ever. Learn all about the psychology, dynamics and design of board games!

Monopoly, Risk, Yahtzee, Mens-erger-je-niet (Ludo)… These might be some of the games you grew up with as a child. A lot has changed since then. Games have become more strategic, more cooperative, more elaborate and (even) more fun. What hasn’t changed is that games provide us with an opportunity to socialize, compete and relax – preferably all at the same time.

In this lecture, we dive into the world of modern board gaming with the expert guidance of game researcher Max Birk and game developer Bart Latten:

With a background in both psychology and computer science, Dr. Max Birk (Industrial Design, TU/e) studies the effects of game-based design strategies on mental processes and design-induced behavior change. He explains what psychology, interaction design, data science, and game design have to say about the (board) game culture of today.

Bart Latten is co-owner of the Dutch board game developing company Black Box Adventures. He talks about game mechanics and show what’s involved in designing a game; from the initial idea all the way to actually putting a new game on the market.

This program is organized by the Knights of the Kitchen Table in collaboration with Studium Generale.

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