TOP 10 Board Games Like Diplomacy

Today we look at 10 other games you might enjoy playing if you love Diplomacy. What is it you love about Diplomacy? The negotiation? The deal making? The deal breaking? Do you love the tactical gameplay? The overarching strategy? Or is it the social interaction that keeps you coming back? Whatever it is, this video is designed to help you find other games that you might like, that share similar mechanics.

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0:00 1959
0:23 Introduction
0:41 #10: Political Intrigue
1:15 #9: Negotiation
1:49 #8: Shifting Alliances
2:19 #7: Player Elimination
2:52 #6: Treachery
4:11 #5: Managing Relationships
4:39 #4: Conquest and Area Control
5:28 #3: Politics and Language
6:06 #2: The Stab
6:53 #1: Simultaneous Orders

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