This Is Elon Musk’s Girlfriend

If you’re unfamiliar with Grimes, then buckle up, because getting to know the quirky musician is a wild ride. An artist known for her outlandish style and persona, she’s managed to stir up plenty of buzz over the years thanks to her unusual ways. Here is the untold truth of Grimes.

Born in Vancouver, Canada in 1988, Claire Boucher, who later became Grimes, was raised by her mother, a former prosecutor, and her father, a former banker. She also has two brothers and two stepbrothers, who motivated her to be a competitive child. She told Rolling Stone:

“I remember getting really good at this Pokémon video game because it was this ego s— that I had to defeat them. I did track and field because I needed to be faster at running than my f—ing brothers.”

While Grimes’ relationship with her siblings obviously had an impact on her, she also had a memorable grandfather. The star explained that while visiting her grandpa during college, he wanted to keep her safe from the, quote, “vagrants” he hired to work on his property, so he “locked [her] in a shipping container with a pistol.”

Grimes’ youth also included Catholic school, where she was bullied, perhaps because she went through, quote, “a Wiccan phase” in seventh grade, according to The Fader. However, she says that she stopped doing witchcraft after casting a spell and watching as a, quote, “rosary crumbled in [her] hands,” which she understandably found “really scary.” Keep watching to learn more about Elon Musk’s Girlfriend!

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Locked in a shipping container | 0:00
Changing her name | 1:27
A technically vegetarian diet | 2:16
Grimes doesn’t care about gender | 3:33
The nocturnal life | 4:25
Russian-speaking astrophysicist ambitions | 5:18
On a houseboat with chickens | 6:14
A history with ballet | 7:16
All about art | 8:06
A Canadian in California | 9:07
She worries about ‘income inequality’ | 10:25
The dangers of fame | 11:38

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