The Christmas Waltz – Amy Grant and Marc Martel

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In early 2020, we were scouring Holiday song lists for a tune that would compliment my ever expanding repertoire of recorded Christmas music, and also something to which Amy Grant would enjoy lending her signature voice. With the song selection criteria growing increasingly narrow, having already recorded most of my favorites I grew up singing and listening to – let alone Amy’s extensive list of recorded songs – this was proving to be a challenge. But it was my manager, Josh, who hit the bullseye in suggesting this shockingly unknown-to-me song, which was written expressly for Frank Sinatra in 1954, as a B-side to his recording of “White Christmas.”

As the waltz time signature is intrinsic to this beautiful holiday ballad, we knew we wanted to go all-out orchestral with the arrangement, so we enlisted the massive skills of Nashville-based artist/producer, Cody Fry, who created such a beautiful, nostalgic arrangement and orchestration, you’d swear it came straight out of the 50s. What a blast it was for Amy and I to sing on this track! And how great it was to get back in the studio with her, after getting to know each other a lot better over our 2019 Christmas Tour, where I opened for her and Michael W. Smith. I hope this song will slide into your current list of favorites this season, and I hope we get to perform this live, with full orchestra, for you some day soon!

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