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Let’s take a look at who The 100 actors are dating in real life! Who of The 100 cast has been married for a long time and has three kids?
Which main cast member physically attacked her boyfriend?

Get ready for the hottest reveals because from this video you will learn everything about the personal life of The 100 actors! We prepared the most exciting facts about the series cast!

For how long has Henry Ian Cusick, who plays Marcus Kane, been married and where does he live with his family?
Paige Turco, the woman behind Abby Griffin, divorced not too long ago. Is she dating anyone now?
Marie Avgeropoulos, aka the Red Queen Octavia Blake had a strong disagreement with her BF. What happened there?
Ricky Whittle, who stole our hearts as Lincoln, still can’t find the love of his life and he has a reason for it.
Lindsey Morgan is as cool as her character Raven Reyes, but does she have a man she can rely on?
Christopher Larkin, whom we know as Monty Green in the series, has been dating his girlfriend for a long time. Do they plan to get married?
Richard Harmon’s sexual orientation has been under question, just like that of his character John Murphy in the show. So is he straight or not?
And finally, what’s the most exciting news about Bob Morley, who plays Bellamy Blake, and Eliza Taylor, a woman behind Clarke Griffin?

From our video, you will learn the answers to all questions about the 100 real-life partners! We will reveal real-life partners of the main cast members and tell you all the most interesting, behind-the-scenes news about the 100 partners!

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