TESLA’s NEW batteries and RECORD deliveries, Elon Musk’s internet will be tested at sea

Is interstellar travel possible? – https://youtu.be/jt55j3svHqk

About Tesla: new Tesla batteries, nickel supply, Giga Texas plan revelaed, Tesla is building a huge charging station, Tesla will solve a 12V-battery problem, Autopilot update, a Tesla driver was asleep behind the wheel, Roadster 2 testing delayed, Volkswagen compares ID.4 with Model Y, Amazon is financing Tesla co-founder, Elon Musk talks record deliveries, analysts are preparing for a new record for Tesla
About Tesla Energy: Tesla is looking for partners to set up solar roofs, Tesla and Electrify America partnership
About SpaceX: Starlink launch failure and testing, SpaceX will launch Intelsat satellites, an astronaut from a 16th century cathedral will become a captain of the ship

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