Tesla’s Elon Musk Is Test Driving VW ID.3 with Herbert Diess

Today Volkswagen’s Chairman of the Board of Management Herbert Diess on his Linkedin shared Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s test drive of Volkswagen ID.3. Torque News reported last week that after leaving Giga Berlin on September 3, Tesla CEO Elon Musk stopped at Braunschweig airport at 9:45PM German time, met with VW Chairman Herbert Diess, and test-drove the ID.3. Let’s watch the video and talk about it.

Here is the full script of Elon Musk’s test-driving VW ID.3 with Herbert Diess.

Herbert Diess: You know, this is a mainstream car. Not a racing machine.
Elon Musk: Yeah, I just wanted to see what the acceleration is like.
Herbert Diess: Steering is nice.
Elon Musk: I think for a non-sport car it’s pretty good.
Elon Musk what’s the battery pack’s size?
Herbert Diess: It’s 55 to 83.
Elon Musk: OK.
And then we hear both laughing at a particular subject and Musk asking “what’s the worst that could happen?”
Elon Musk: does it have any lane following function or anything like that?
(Herbert Diess) Yea it has. We have the typical German state-of-the-art lane-keeping and emergency assist systems. The lane-keeping is working quite nicely.
Herbert Diess: you can just turn around here.
Elon Musk: I just turn around here.
Herbert Diess: Okay.

It’s great to see a friendly cooperative approach between Tesla and Volkswagen leaders. Some of you may be Tesla funs, while others here may be Volkswagen funs, yet, it’s great to see Elon Musk test-driving the ID.3 electric vehicle made by Volkswagen and Volkswagen sharing it. I like the friendliness between the two. It sets a good example for many other leaders in this competition-driven world.

I give respect to these two people in this regard. Your businesses might be competing against each other, but on a personal level, you seem to be friends. I am very pleased to see that Diess and Musk have a good relationship. Regarding ID.3, in my opinion, the iD3 does not need Model 3 acceleration if it is priced moderately.


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