Tesla Battery Day Elon Musk Tweet Stock Reaction

This video goes over the Tesla Battery Day Elon Musk tweet and stock reaction from the market.
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We go over the Elon Musk tweet and read between the lines and see what the future will hold for us Tesla stockholders. We are seeing that Tesla Battery Day will lead to an increase in production and that Tesla can’t keep up with the demand. It is a good problem to have. If we had no demand, then we know how that we affect the market cap. going forward. (Hint…BAD!) But it is him telling us that our demand is growing too fast for us to keep up…FANTASTIC! Revenue will be exploding down the road.

I still feel that a $500 billion market cap by the end of the year is still within reach. This could lead to crushing estimates by the “pro’s guesses”. We have Tesla Battery Day to look forward to and I for one, will be ready to rock with my shares. 🙂

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