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Saint Anthony of Padua is considered as the patron saint for lost articles. Antony was born on 15th August 1195 at Lisbon in a wealthy family. His childhood name was Fernado Martins, and he studied at a local catholic school. When he was 15, he joined a monastery of St. Vincent. He was inspired by the Franciscan monks, and like them he started preaching Gospel in different lands. When he gave a speech, it was as if the Holy Spirit was speaking through him. Watch this amazing episode of this saint, where not only humans, but even the fish in sea waited patiently listening him speak. Do not miss this episode!

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Saints is a first of its kind you tube channel that is dedicated completely on the stories of the disciples of Jesus and teaches you the different saints across the globe who walked through the path of Jesus Christ, you can watch the stories of saints in malayalam and the channel covers the life stories, the hard paths that the saints have passed through in their way to saint hood, you can also watch the miracles and the truth that the saints teaches you through their life.

St. Anthony Novena

Saint Anthony of Padua

St. Antony novena Malayalam

Saint Anthony of Padua

St Antony of Padua’s Biography

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