Seattle Seahawks Trade Rumors: Top 5 Trade Targets Ft. Ryan Kerrigan, Allen Robinson & Desmond King

Seattle Seahawks Today focuses on potential trade targets for the Seahawks after a rash of injuries hit the team. Seahawks trade rumors are going to heat up as the NFL trade deadline approaches and we’ve got a look at some of the top trade targets for the Seahawks. That includes big names like Ryan Kerrigan, Allen Robinson and Desmond King.

The Seahawks have lost Bruce Irvin for the season, leaving them hurting at pass rusher (which was already not in a good spot). So why not trade for Ryan Kerrigan? It might be expensive, but he’s a damn good football player. A cheaper option could be Haason Reddick.

NFL Trade Rumors have swirled around Allen Robinson since he wants a new contract. Could the Seahawks be the team to step up and trade for him? Or maybe someone who costs less like Kenny Stills.

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Here are the top Seahawks trade targets:
– Ryan Kerrigan (EDGE, Washington)
– Haason Reddick (LB, Arizona Cardinals)
– Kenny Stills (WR, Texans)
– Allen Robinson (WR, Bears)
– Desmond King (DB, Chargers)

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