Seattle Seahawks Trade Rumors On Ryan Kerrigan, Geno Atkins, Carlos Dunlap & LJ Collier | Mailbag

Seahawks trade rumors today are in mailbag form! Could the Seahawks make a major NFL trade before the NFL Trade deadline? Could a big-name defensive player like Ryan Kerrigan, Geno Atkins, Carlos Dunlap or Takk McKinley come to Seattle? What about trading away someone like LJ Collier, Rashaad Penny or Jacob Hollister?

The Seahawks defense is not keeping pace with a prolific offense. So how can the Seahawks fix that? Could a Bengals player like Geno Atkins or Carlos Dunlap help? What about Ryan Kerrigan? Or how about a unique trade for Takk McKinley FOR LJ Collier?

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Seahawks Rumors won’t be around trading Russell Wilson anytime soon. And yet … there was a trade idea involving him. It made ZERO sense.

Here’s the full list of players brought up in our Seahawks trade mailbag:
– Carlos Dunlap
– Geno Atkins
– Ryan Kerrigan
– Takk McKinley
– Bradley Chubb
– Odell Beckham
– Baker Mayfield (somehow)
– Rashaad Penny
– Jacob Hollister
– LJ Collier
– David Moore
– Russell Wilson (IDK why)

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