Ryan Sheckler | Red Bull SŌLUS Entry

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Ryan Sheckler’s entry for our new digital skateboarding contest – SŌLUS.

With all the skate contests canceled this year, Ryan Sheckler opened the doors to his skatepark and invited 13 of the best skateboarders in the world to battle it out in a new digital skateboarding contest.

Each skater has one hour to put together their best 45 second to one minute line alone – no crowd & no other skaters, just a couple camera guys and themselves – SŌLUS.

Our judges, Jamie Owens, Mike Sinclair, and Kyle Berard, will evaluate each video based on style, progression and creativity. Winner will be announced September 27th.

Each skaters entry video will drop every week leading up to the September 27th winner announcement. With skate shops struggling during the global pandemic, the winner will receive $2,500 to donate to a shop of their choice.

Following the judges announcement, you will have a chance to vote on your favorite video part and the fan favorite will be announced on September 30th.

Watch Ryan battle out his one minute run and get ready to vote for your favorite entry!

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