Ryan Lochte: I thought I’d end up dead

Ryan Lochte recalls ‘Lochtegate,’ the 2016 incident where Lochte and fellow US swim team members fabricated being held at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro. Lochte was ultimately suspended by USA Swimming for 10 months, and lost his commercial sponsors. The time that followed was dark for Lochte, he even wondered what would happen if he went to sleep and didn’t wake up. And while he is still struggling to find sponsors, he attributes the situation to solidifying his relationship with his wife, Kayla. Plus, Lochte talks about his 14-month suspension for taking a vitamin B-12 by IV. Kayla Lochte describes her surprise at his suspension, and her feelings of responsibility. And Steve Lochte, Ryan’s father, gives his perspective on the media’s coverage of the Rio incident.

This show was recorded in accordance with CDC COVID-19 safety guidelines. All crew tested negative before the production.

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