Ryan Lochte: Alex Rodriguez CNBC show lied?

In 2019 Ryan and Kayla Lochte appeared on Alex Rodriguez’s CNBC show, ‘Back in the Game.’ The show is billed as Rodriguez giving back “by mentoring athletes and entertainers who’ve fallen on hard times.” Lochte said he didn’t like it and that the show was “completely wrong” when it portrayed his penny-pinching wife as a superficial person. To add insult to injury, the “deal” A-Rod set up for Lochte with personal training app Fitplan was not paid out as agreed, Lochte said. Lochte’s money struggles started with his desire to please others, which often led to spending beyond his means. He says he never worried because the money was always coming in. But that stopped when he lost his sponsorships following an incident in Rio. Plus, Lochte talks about the experience of filming a reality TV show and getting to meet Lil Wayne.

This show was recorded in accordance with CDC COVID-19 safety guidelines. All crew tested negative before the production.

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