Ryan Humiston || Legit Advice Or Silly Gimmicks? (MY REVIEW)

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Ryan Humiston Workout Review: Legit Training Advice Or Goofy Gimmicks?

Today I’m doing a highly requested video by giving my thoughts on the training advice and long list of different exercise variations put out by bodybuilder Ryan Humiston.

Is Ryan Humiston legit, or are his bodybuilding workout methods mostly just over-complicated fluff you don’t really need?

Run a YouTube search for terms such as “Ryan Humiston chest”, “Ryan Humiston shoulders”, “Ryan Humiston arms”, “Ryan Humiston back” etc. and you’ll come across a wide variety of muscle building training videos for each body part demonstrating many different unorthodox bodybuilding exercises that he claims will deliver better results than the basic conventional lifts.

Most Ryan Humiston workouts are also based around light weight/high rep sets that focus primarily on the mind-muscle connection and very often use a partial range of motion.

He also advises laying out your weekly bodybuilding program using a high volume bro split routine, and constantly mixes up his exercise variations every single workout.

These are all typical muscle building methods utilized by enhanced, advanced bodybuilding trainees, but are they also effective for the typical natural lifter as well?

(“Ryan Humiston natty or not” is another common search phrase people type into YouTube – I don’t like to go too in depth on these questions but I think the answer to that is fairly obvious and you can find videos from other YouTubers discussing it in more detail)

In this video I give a step by step breakdown of each of these factors as it pertains to natural bodybuilding trainees and explain whether or not you should follow Ryan Humiston’s training advice if you’re looking to build muscle and gain strength as efficiently as possible.




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