Precious Blood of Jesus Christ Rosary ALL MYSTERIES

This is the Devotion to the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ as given by Our Lord and Our Lady and a multitude of angels and saints to a nearly illiterate Nigerian teenage boy, Barnabas Nwoye, in the village of Olo, Enugu State, Nigeria, from 1995 – 2003. Our Lord told young Barnabas this is the greatest devotion. He has ever given the Church and the last one. He will give in this age. This is the ark that will protect and bring the Holy Catholic Church, the remnant faithful, and all those you love and pray for safety through the bitter trials of the coming chastisement and into the promised Era of Peace.

Join us every 3rd Friday at 10 AM EST where we pray the complete devotion with all 20 mysteries, the consolation prayers, Adoration Prayers, the Anguished Appeals, and the Mystical Prayers. Join us in prayer.

In this video, we pray all 20 mysteries of the most holy rosary of the precious blood of Jesus Christ.
0:00 – 1st Mystery: The Annunciation
8:17 – 2nd Mystery: The Visitation
12:33 – Third Mystery: The Nativity
16:51 – 4th Mystery: The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple
21:11 – 5th Mystery: Finding of Jesus in the Temple
25:27 – 6th Mystery: Baptism of Jesus
29:45 – 7th Mystery: Wedding Feast at Cana
34:04 – 8th Mystery: Proclamation of Kingdom of God
38:24 – 9th Mystery: Transfiguration of Jesus
42:42 – 10th Mystery: Institution of the Eucharist
47:06 – 11th Mystery: Agony in the Garden
51:25 – 12th Mystery: Scourging at the Pillar
55:42 – 13th Mystery: Crowning of Thorns
59:57 – 14th Mystery: Carrying of the Cross
1:04:17 – 15th Mystery: Crucifixion
1:08:43 – 16th Mystery: Resurrection
1:12:59 – 17th Mystery: Ascension
1:17:18 – 18th Mystery: Descent of the Holy Spirit
1:21:38 – 19th Mystery: Assumption of Our Lady
1:26:03 – 20th Mystery: Coronation as Queen of Heaven and Earth
1:30:34 – Hail Holy Queen Ending Prayers
1:31:48 – Litany of Mary

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