Jeff Bezos Just Humiliated Elon Musk (April Fools Video)

Blue Origin has been the laughing stock of the space community for decades at this point. Jeff Bezos has been working on Blue Origin since 2000, but Blue Origin has yet to even reach orbit. Jeff Bezos’ recent resignation from Amazon has sparked conversations as to whether Blue Origin will finally start to make significant progress. However, out of nowhere, Jeff Bezos made an unprecedented move by buying NASA for $420 billion on April 1, 2021. He also went ahead and bought Volkswagen, Toyota, and General Motors to compete against Tesla. After hearing about this, Elon Musk made his own handful of moves which has led to a new space race, this time to Mars. However, Zambia would surprise everyone in the end. This video explains the future of Blue Origin and how Jeff Bezos plans to beat Elon Musk to Mars.

0:00 – Blue Origin Is A Joke
0:32 – Annihilating SpaceX
3:53 – Decimating Tesla
7:03 – Race To The Bottom
8:40 – Zambia Takes The Dub

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