Hubble Spots Giant Flapping Shadow

In 2017, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope captured an image of a huge wing-shaped shadow cast by a fledgling star’s unseen, planet-forming disk. The young star, called HBC 672, is casting the shadow across a more distant cloud in a star-forming region—like a fly wandering into the beam of a flashlight shining on a wall.

Now, after observing the shadow again, astronomers report that they see the giant shadow flapping its “wings”!

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Video credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center
Paul Morris (USRA): Producer / Editor
Visualization Credit: NASA, ESA, and A. James and G. Bacon (STScI)

Music credits:
“Floating Freefall” by Jason Steele [ASCAP], Soundcast Music [SESAC] and Universal Production Music

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