How To Setup Saint Anthony Industries Tools

Join Charles as he demonstrates how to set up the New Levy Tamp and Wedge distribution tool from Saint Anthony Industries. We’ve come to love these two tools for how much they simplify and improve our tamping routine. The Wedge ensures proper distribution for every dose and the Levy make every tamp level and keeps depth consistent. With both these tools in combination, you’ll notice increased consistency and evenness in your extractions. While we started out skeptical of these sorts of tools, now we’re remiss if we have to pull a shot without them.

Available in both 58mm and 53mm diameters, both of these tools can be used with just about any espresso machine.

Products in this video:

Saint Anthony Industries New Levy Tamp:

Saint Anthony Industries BT Wedge Distribution Tool:

Clive also offers a dial-in service for the Saint Anthony Industries tools here:

Lucca M58 V2 Espresso Machine by Quick Mill:

Compak E10 Conical Burr Grinder:

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