From Big Screen to Tabletop: How Board Games Adapt Movies – What’s the Difference?

For years, we’ve been looking at the best film adaptations around. How books turn into movies is an interesting study, but we don’t often dive into movies that turn into something else. Board games offer a fascinating glimpse at a different kind of adaptation, one that distills a movie’s theme, characters and plot into a playable, immersive tabletop experience. So get your miniatures ready to go because we’re looking at the surprisingly in depth journey from screen to cardboard taken by some all time great films. It’s time to ask, What’s the Difference?

And we’re not talking about re-skinning Monopoly or Clue. These are board game adaptations that really dig into their source material. We’re talking about a James Cameron action film becoming playable on your dining room table with Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps. Get deep in Robert Muldoon’s psyche and go up against those clever girl raptors in Jurassic Park Unmatched. Play through your favorite 007 film from Goldfinger to Goldeneye as James Bond in Legendary. Yipee Kay Yay your mother f#@k!ng way through Die Hard in a Nakatomi Heist game where you can play as John McClane or Hans Gruber. Take on the empire in a galaxy far far away with Star Wars Rebellion. All of these games go WAY beyond just slapping IP on a familiar board. They’re true adaptations and to play them properly, it takes a real understanding of why you love the movies in the first place.

This piece was written and edited by Casey Redmon.

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