False Prophet Lil Wayne Of Revelations Of Jesus Christ Says The Covid Shot Is the Mark Of The Beast


Wally Werks from revelations of Jesus Christ EXPOSED as an ignoramus and false prophet. He calls an “emergency meeting” in Orlando to tell his ignorant followers that the Covid vaccine will be injected into the VEINS of their forearm and he also boldly claims the shot is the MARK OF THE BEAST. Little Wayne of revelations of Jesus christ also teaches anyone who took the shot is a waste of his time because it is now impossible for them to be saved . He claims God has removed himself from them and they are dead men in the spirit eternally.

Little Weeze will answer for stumbling anyone who gives up on their walk because they think they are irredeemable . Their blood is on his hands.

Chris Lasala & Ben Robertson exposes Werks of Revelations Of Jesus Christ Ministries

Wally Werks claims Torch Of Christ and David Lynn are deceivers while he deceives his own people with false prophecies

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