Eric Ryan – Close (Official Music Video)

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Ryan Michaels (Director, Editor)

Jay Doodnauth (Assistant Director)

Enuka Geoheli (Actress)

Mark Bancud (Manager)

Bryan McNamara (Producer)

Mixtape Seoul (Producer)

R&B Radar (Toronto’s R&B Hub)

Lyrical Lemonade

Official Lyrics:

Late at night
Hit me up
“What you doin?”
“Are you up?”
We could go out tonight
Or just stay inside
And spend some time alone

N’ Baby ill promise one thing
That if you leave in the morning
That i’ll be right here for when you come back
Your lovin’s too good girl
I can’t get enough

Kiss me slow
I know what you want
Hold me close
As I take you down

TV Screen
Look back at me
While were tied
All in these sheets, you
You loved me once
And fooled me twice
Yet here we are
Again tonight

Your toxic love feels so good
Got me doin’ things that I shouldn’t be doin
When you kiss my neck girl it turns me to ruins
You know what you’re doin
You know what you’re doin
When you

Kiss me slow
I know what you want when you
Hold me close
As I take you down

Long for connection
Feeling’s a blessing
Hope I can love again
Hope I could love

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