Elon Musk Visited Tesla Giga Texas To Inspect Progress

Torque News learned that Tesla CEO Elon Musk visited Giga Texas on Saturday to inspect the progress of its Austin Gigafactory and that Keystone Concrete is the contractor for Giga Texas.

Joe Tegtmeyer reports from Austin.

We have some major news today as Elon Musk was on site at Giga Texas (I did not see him, but know he was there) and the contractor that will build the foundation is setting up shop (Keystone Concrete, which is a local and large company specializing in this kind of work.

In addition, concrete is being poured at the far north pad we’ve been wondering about over the past month or so, and the work is being done by Martin Marietta, making this highly likely they are expanding the on-site concrete batch and mixing operations to support the enormous amount of concrete Giga Texas will need in the very near future. With Elon there, the foundation contractor on site, and the preparations for concrete production, we are getting close to seeing the real foundation construction beginning!

A ton of other work is going on all over the site at the Tesla’s Giga Texas, so I’ll let the video speak for itself.

One last thing … there is a hurricane approaching the Texas coast this weekend and early next week, and I think this one will impact the Austin area to some extent so I may not be able to fly on Monday. Glad I was able to get all this information, be there when Elon showed up and get this footage before Battery Day!

19 September Giga Texas Update video. Elon visits, the foundation contractor is on site, concrete production capabilities are being built and a lot more! It was truly another day of significant progress.

In this video, we look at a number of questions that may be answered on the upcoming Tesla Shareholder and battery day event on 22 September that have bearing on and may impact Giga Texas. In addition, a review of who the foundation contractor (Keystone) is, learn a bit about their company and how they operate, and what their presence on site signals. With Elon on site, it cannot be a coincidence that he and the contractor arrive at about the same time frame as well as all of the on-site concrete production capability that is emerging.

On the far north pad, Martin Marietta is laying down several concrete slabs, most likely to support a concrete batch and/or mixing production area to service the enormous amount of concrete Giga Texas will be needing soon. More earthwork around the Martin Marietta “abandoned” batch plant on the west continues.


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