Elon Musk and Giga Berlin Show The Germans How To Move Quickly

German Spiegel is writing that Tesla is racing ahead with the construction of its Giga Berlin factory just outside of Berlin. All that’s left for German carmakers is to watch and learn.

Markus Dettmer, Simon Hage, and Michael Kröger have published an interesting story in Spiegel, saying Tesla CEO Elon Musk is changing not only the provincial state of Brandenburg, where he’s setting up his factory but also Germany. The project just outside of Berlin is becoming symbolic of industrial policy in times of climate change. “Whereas German companies tend to moan and dig in their heels when the government sets overly ambitious climate targets, as they did last week when the new European Union climate goals were announced, Tesla brings both together: sustainable manufacturing and speed. Breathtaking speed.”

They also note, that “For quite some time, German car executives and politicians tended to make fun of Musk, notorious as he was for his outrageous personality on Twitter. When he outlined his visions at a 2014 lunch with Peter Altmaier – who was chief of staff of Angela Merkel’s Chancellery at the time but is now economics minister – and raved about the advantages of electric propulsion, saying it could be used in all means of transportation except for rockets flying into space, Altmaier still thought he sounded a bit unhinged. “At the time,” says Altmaier, “nobody thought this technology would be so successful.” At least the German competition didn’t.”


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Spiegel https://www.spiegel.de/international/business/the-tesla-factory-near-berlin-elon-musk-shows-the-germans-how-to-move-quickly-a-a14a3415-a4ed-4d85-80c1-ec53b66ac0cb-amp

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