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Andrew Maxwell, a comedian, takes five UFO believers on a cross-country road trip to meet experts, eyewitnesses, and journalists in order to debunk the theories surrounding UFO sightings.

Are we the only ones in the world, or have aliens visited us? Have the world’s governments been concealing this incredible ‘reality’ if the answer to the last question is yes?

Stuck on a bus across 2,000 miles of dustbowl roads with these religious fundamentalists, Maxwell tackles some mind-boggling ideas. Could the Earth be only 6,000 years old, did humans and T-Rex live side by side? It’s a bumpy ride, as he’s confronted with some very unchristian behavior along the way, but by the end could he possibly win over any of the Bible-bashers with hard scientific fact…. And keep a straight face?

From Conspiracy Road Trip S1 EP3

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