Did Elon Musk Invent Bitcoin?

In this video, I discuss whether Elon Musk invented Bitcoin.

Elon Musk is obviously a high IQ polymath and serial entrepreneur, who has developed expertise across many different fields. His interest in “internet money” began with his founding of X.com (one of the world’s first online banks), which later merged with Peter Thiel’s Confinity to become PayPal.

PayPal founders like Peter Thiel and Elon Musk have discussed publicly how they believe PayPal failed in its original mission to become a “new world currency” (which was actually PayPal’s original slogan in 2000). After selling PayPal to eBay in 2002, the founders of PayPal presumably signed a non-compete agreement, which would suggest why Bitcoin was released as an open-source and decentralized project, if indeed Musk is behind the project.

In addition, both Satoshi and Elon are good programmers in C++, use British English, and are fairly non-materialistic.

Given his libertarian bent and interest in new currencies, it seems strange that Bitcoin has never received a strong endorsement from Musk. Might he be hiding something?

Again, all of this is pure speculation on my part. But if there is one Silicon Valley group of people that you would expect to be behind Bitcoin, it would be the PayPal mafia.

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Elon Musk tweet re Satoshi:

Nick Szabo:

Hal Finney:

Adam Back:

The Bitcoin whitepaper:

History of Bitcoin:

Satoshi’s Final Email to Gavin Andresen:

“I’ve moved on to other things”:


PayPal and the “new world currency”:


Peter Thiel, technology entrepreneur and investor. AMA from IAmA

Could Elon Musk be Satoshi Nakamoto?

Could Elon Musk be Satoshi Nakamoto? from Bitcoin

Elon discusses Bitcoin:

“Elon Musk Probably Invented Bitcoin”:

Satoshi textual clues:

Satoshi and “bloody hard”:

Elon Musk and “grey”:

Elon Musk using the word “bloody”:

Elon Musk denies being Satoshi:


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