Christ Message 2 – Rebirth, Judas and Us

The Two Gardens, The Two Kisses, The Healing of Judas and appreciation for all he was.
Video 2 of 2 made during Holy Week 2021. This video examines what we have been told about the Crucifixion, Jesus’s suffering and whether another version of events actually happened. Whichever version you believe we still get REBIRTH. Looking at the Symbolism of the Bee and Christ, and Bee Hive (Community). Mary Magdelene and others nursing Christ back to life, the Ankh.
Invitation to stop spending time in over identification with the suffering of Gethsemane and beyond and instead to meet Christ in a new Heavenly Earth Garden where he waits to meet you – and to co-create the New Gospel.
Looking at Judas and his role – offering a very powerful moment to understand his mission pre-incarnation with Christ and to partake in a healing of forgiveness with the other Disciples.
Looking also at the Judas Archetype in our own lives – the one who hurts us the most being the greatest Teacher / Violet Pill Teaching.

My first video in case you missed it is here that links to this video:
Channelling Christ Video 2 – The Heart

Healing and Activation Sprays – Christ Light, Hope, Mary Magdelane, Mother Mary, Beloved Joseph​​

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