Board Games on Kickstarter Oct 2020

Kevin looks at Board Games launching the first half of October 2020

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Oct 13 Lost Ones
Oct 20 Midnight Murder Mysteries
Oct 20 Townsfold Tussle
Oct 20 blue rings
Oct 20 Galenus and Bios:Mesofauna
Oct 20 Treasure Hogs
Oct 20 Darkest Dungeon
Oct 20 Annapurna
Oct 20 Here Be Dragons-Into the Unknown
Oct 20 Velocity Vanguard
Oct 21 Freedom Five
Oct 21 Hoop Godz
Oct 22 Grand Austria Hotel
Oct 23 Widget Ridge expansion
Oct 26 Mariana Trench
Oct 27 ZU Tiles: Hime
Oct 27 Endless Winter
Oct 27 Dire Alliance: Horror
Oct 27 asking for trobils expansion
Oct 27 B Movies
Oct 27 Neomorphosis: Infestation RELAUNCH
Oct 27 Shogun No Katana
Oct 27 2Kings
Oct 27 Sakura Arms: Yurina Box
October 28th at 5:15pm CET Sons of Faeriell
Oct 28 Clash of Armies
Oct 28 Zombiefilled
Oct 28 Trust me I’m a superhero
Oct 31 Cute Alienation

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