ARE YOU SPONSORED? – A special Live from Sunny San Diego with Ryan and Kyle – YouTube EP. 4

Welcome to Monday Night LIVE with Ryan greenspan and Kyle Spicka as we sit down and discuss upcoming events and topics from the BKI School of Paintball as well as updates from everything that is happening around the league and in the sport of paintball!

On this episode, we will discuss the ins and outs of SPONSORSHIP and relationships between teams, players and their home fields! HK ARMY has also agreed to give out a team sponsorship to one lucky player/team captain! We will also recap the Midwest PRO Invitational

-Golden State Wins
-Q & A
-Are you SPONSORED? Sponsorship giveaway!
-The TWISTER is here from Boston Paintball. Or, at least it was here.
-Upcoming BKI Content    
-HK Signature series line  *RG Aloha Series 
-WILLIAM PAINTER $50 Discount Code 


BKI School of Paintball

HK ARMY Signature Series Line:
Ryan Greenspan – RG18 Signature Series

William Painter Sunglasses $50 OFF

Twister LINK:

New balance Team Store:

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