10 Video Games We Want To See Turned Into Board Games

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You know your favorite video game? That one you always used to (or still) play? How nice would it be if it got announced that it’s becoming a board game? That’s this list…these are the games we want want to see on our table, whether disappointing in the end or not, and let’s face it…many of these would be disappointing. But I’ll still keep dreaming.

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:02:52 – Super Mario Bros
0:05:45 – Overwatch
0:09:20 – Don’t Starve
0:12:08 – Dragon Age
0:14:30 – Zelda
0:17:55 – Portal
0:19:05 – World of Warcraft
0:21:45 – God of War
0:24:20 – Elder Scrolls
0:27:23 – Bioshock
0:31:32 – Closing Up

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