10 Ryan Reynolds Roles You Forgot About

Do you remember seeing Ryan Reynolds in these throwback roles?
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We all know Ryan Reynolds is known for making marketing magic happen in Hollywood. Heck he just brought back Rick Moranis after more than 24 years. While this Tequila hocking, rom-com hunking, merc with a mouth feels like he’s always been around cracking wise, never forget there was a time before the Twitter genius. Nobody can forget when they saw Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool when the screentest leaked. That pitch perfect casting and the comedy marketing was made to be remembered so it’s not on this list and while we might want to forget his take on DC’s Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern franchise it exists now. X-Men Origins Wolverine too. Look that was then and sure now Reynolds is a staple of our comedic nerd zeitgeist but allow us at ScreenRant to remind you of 10 roles that may not have burnt their way into your memory. Here are 10 Ryan Reynolds roles you may have forgotten about.

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Written by: Kareem Hassanien @[email protected] Swellcameraguy
Narrated by: Justin Freitas
Edited by: Peter G

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